What a fun and full day! I’m already looking forward to next year (save the date: November 2, 2019!), but meanwhile, below are some saved moments from the Bulldog Horn Day this fall.  We played and played, had lunch together, tried out new horns brought over to us by Rieman Music and our own personal Rieman Music rep, Tony Wadle, and performed!

It was a rainy day so it was adventurous getting to and from Hubbell Dining Hall, and we weren’t able to go watch the Drake marching band perform the half-time show since they didn’t march in the rain, but luckily not a single one of us melted in the rain.

By sheer fortune, November 3, 2018 was St Hubert’s Day – patron saint of the horn!  So along with some Renaissance music, a gorgeous piece by Rudolph Mayer, a frippery, and Susan Mutter’s Espionage, we played hunting horn music in honor of St Hubert.  We played a fanfare by Gallay…I played some of the fanfare on baroque horn to kick us off, and then a couple more hunting horn pieces, one from early England, and then the Happy Huntsmen by Alfred Diewitz, full of adorable Austrian charm.

When all is said and done – I always wish we had more time together, it was such fun working with promising high school hornists.  We didn’t waste a second and had such a good time learning more about the horn and playing music!