What fun and thank you to all who participated!

We did plenty of exercises and rehearsing.  Spencer Marsh performed the first movement of Saint-Saens Concertpiece and Bridget Gervais played some of Chabrier’s Larghetto for the master class.

Lunch was on the Drake University Campus and it was a great day for a stroll across the grounds led by students of the Drake horn studio.  Participants tried out beautiful new horns brought by Rieman Music.

The recital included:  Shaw’s Frippery No. 4, Bach chorales, an arrangement of the Finale from Stravinsky’s Firebird, and Sousa’s El Capitan March.  Also through narration and extended horn techniques, students assisted Guinevere McIntyre in a performance of Eric McIntyre’s Jabberwocky from A Visit from the White Rabbit,